September 2014: My community project raises $2400!

During my opening reception on September 27th 2014, at Elevation Gallery, I invited members of the community to come and paint with me for the day. People from all ages came and did a fantastic job! I am guessing that 40 people worked on the piece and sometimes three at the time!
During the day we sold some raffle tickets and raised $1200 in sales. Elevation Gallery has generously offered to match that number making our total donation to the Canmore Arts Centre a nice $2400. YAY! 

August 2014: One more Public Art Project for the Town of Canmore!

It was in August that the design for my ‘switchbox’ was unveiled at two locations in downtown Canmore. The design is of a bison on a pink spray painted background creating a high contrast with the environment in which it is displayed. The artwork is printed and mounted on the boxes in a way that the two heads are ramming... enjoy!

2014: 10 years at Elevation Gallery

Yes, it was ten years ago that my career as an artist took off, here in Canmore, thanks to Cheryl Baxter from Elevation Gallery who believed in me at first and throughout the years.
With a 7 weeks residency at the Banff Centre starting in a month, and a new approach to my work, I can’t wait to work on, and display a new series of three-dimensional and silkscreen work for this anniversary show.

1994-2014 20 years with a kidney transplant

It is rare that an artist shares some personal information at large but when it is a life-altering one, a positive one, and one that people could use as an example to go through personal obstacles, it makes me want to talk about my experience of living with a kidney transplant. 
Also, since it is my mother who gave me a kidney, I never forget to mention this most beautiful gift and how anybody could help somebody live a better life by signing their donation card and talking to their families about it. I have been on hemodialysis and trust me, if I could help somebody live healthy like me, I would!

I am on Facebook!

Yes! I have joined the FB world! Come and check out my page, ‘like’ me, and get some insights of what is going on in the studio.

I am We, a survival kit for the artist-parent 

The exhibition held at Elevation Gallery in November 2013 was a huge hit and I am really thrilled that one of my pieces is enjoying a second life at the beautiful new Canmore Public Library located in Elevation Place.
‘The Boat’ is made of messages from fellow artists printed on paper and mounted on a wood structure. It is a very fragile piece, just like childhood and parenting can be at times. 
Look up my new website section ‘I am We’ to see all the works displayed at the exhibition.

June 8th to October 13 2013 at the Whyte Museum:
Picturing the Canadian Pacific Railway

I am very excited that I will be part of a major exhibition at the reputable Whyte Museum in Banff.

‘The Unusual Traveller’ is a 82X42" piece representing a Bighorn Sheep as seen near Exshaw AB, where the CP train stops between Calgary and Canmore for dispatch purposes.

The pattern behind the animal is inspired by the look of the front of some of the second locomotives used.

Cenovus Art Competition Spring 2013

I was chosen as one of the 37 finalists to submit a piece of art for the Cenovus Art Competition open to ‘under-recognized’ Alberta and Saskatchewan-based artists.

For the competition, I created a piece using the soils map of Alberta and Saskatchewan as a bacground and starting point. Although I did not win, my piece was publised in the Calgary Herald of May 3rd 2013. (See publications page)

Alberta-based internationally acclaimed artist Chris Cran was part of the jury, who was also comprised of arts connoiseurs and collectors.

September 14-15-16 2012 Artist Ranch Project

I am very pleased to have been juried in participating in the “Artist Ranch Project” organized by the Western Art Exhibition at the Calgary Stampede. This retreat with 4 peer artists will allow us to spend some time “behind the scenes” at the Glenbow Museum and at the Bar U Ranch for three days.

We will have until the Calgary Stampede of next year to create a body of work that will be displayed in 2013.

This will be lots of fun for a studio artist like me!

May 11 2012, Toby is born

Yes, another boy to fill my days with love! After a few months off with my newborn, I feel the energy to get back in the sudio and slowly get to work!

Toby is already inspiring me!

July 6-21 2012 The Calgary Stampede is on!

Come and join us at Gibson Fine Art for an exhibition of new works on your way to the Calgary Stampede. The Gallery is conveniently located on 11 Ave SW (see contact page for the complete address) so you won't have far to go!

The exhibition is titled 'Wanderings in an Untilled Field' and I will be in attendance for the opening on July 6th so you are welcome to join us.

June 8-23 2012 Bigoudi is donating a piece to the Canmore Artists and Artisans Guild

The Canmore Artists and Artisans Guild is going through a major move at the end of 2012 and I am proud to support the Guild by donating the piece 'Tangled up in Blue' for their silent auction.

The piece is worth $4080 and it will be on display from June 8th to the 23rd at the Gallery, which is located adjacent to the Library at 950, 8th Avenue. The auction will close at 7:30pm on June 23rd. Hope to see you there and good luck to CAAG!

April 21-30 2012 Ex Post Facto at Elevation Gallery

This exhibition will feature 13 new pieces from my 'juxtaposition series' alongside a 'retrospective' part that will display some older works created over the last decade. You will be able to see the changes that happened in the last years and look at my new production including pieces with my digitally printed backgrounds and mixed media approach.

There will be lots to see, so it may be worth the detour on April 21st from 2 to 5pm for the opening.

May 9-30 2011 Sun Cor Building and Gibson Fine Art in Calgary

This exhibition titled 'Depth of Field' is inspired by some great tightly-cropped images of cows and horses that I took in the last few years.

Come and join us on Wednesday May 11th at 5pm for a CUPS fundraiser and opening gala at the Suncor building in Calgary where the exhibition will be on display for a week only. The pieces will then be moved to Gibson Fine Arts on 11th Avenue for the two following weeks.


April 16-25 2011: 'A Modern Twist' at Elevation Gallery

My new series of paintings inspired by the "Mod" style of the late 1960's with lots of colours, stripes and polka dots will be presented at Elevation Gallery. Come see what Spring (or the promise of it !) has inspired me to paint.

I will be at the gallery on Sunday April 17th from noon to 2pm to do an artist talk about my process.


July 15-18 2010: Bigoudi at the Calgary Stampede

I am proud to announce that I have been juried to participate in the Western Showcase that is held in the Halls D and E of the BMO Centre (Roundup Centre) as part of the Calgary Stampede. I will have a 4-day booth from July 15-18 and I will display and sell some original paintings.

To learn more about the Western Showcase, visit:


June 2010: Whyte Horse Cafe unveils its new image!

The Whyte Horse Cafe on Main Street Canmore not only serves the best food in town, it also has a 16’ tall painting of mine on the front!

Next time you are in the Rockies (or on Main Street if you are from Canmore!) you will get the chance to enjoy some delicious meals and look at this new piece of mine since it will permanently displayed there as part of the Cafe branding.


April 18 2010: My finest creation...!

Yes! On April 18 I gave birth to a lovely son that we named Theo. He is a healthy baby and he certainly brings lots of love in our house. This is the reason why I have not been painting in the last two months and I will take it slowly in the next little while. Can’t wait to see what ideas I will come up with when I return to painting!

March 6th 2010: Bigoudi to do an Artist Talk in Calgary

As part of the March ‘Featured Artist’ at Gibson Fine Art, I have created an new series of paintings and I will be at the Gallery at 2pm on March 6th to talk about them and the process of painting with encaustic.

Come and say hi, listen to the talk, browse through the new work, and have a good time with me in Calgary.


Gibson Fine Art moves to the Gallery Row in Calgary

In November 2009, Patti Dibski and her team moved their gallery to 11th Avenue in a beautiful space that offers the viewer a great art experience. Look for the red banner at 628 - 11th Ave SW and get a glimpse of my work and a variety of other artists.

I will be part of the ‘Monthly Featured Artists’ in March 2010 so please sign-up for my newsletter and I will send you an invitation!
To see my work on Gibson Fine Art’s website, click here.

Oct 2009: Bigoudi is Juried in the ‘Alberta Top 20 Artists’ by the Heritage Corporation.

In September, Bigoudi received the news that her painting ‘Do you see what I see Rosie?’ was juried in the ‘Alberta Top 20 Artists’ annual competition by the Heritage Corporation. She is now part of a one year exhibition in Calgary at the Lougheed Building along with other Alberta artists.

Click here to see their website and learn more about the competition.

July-Sept 2009: Two paintings shown in New Brunswick

Great news! Bigoudi had two paintings chosen by jury to be shown at the ‘Roots’ exhibition at the Saint John (NB) Arts Centre (

This exhibition is organized by the Society of Canadian Artists and will run from July 10 to Sept 5th… go take a look if you are around Saint John!

June 2009: Bigoudi wins Mayor’s Award for Arts & Culture

On June 19th 2009, Bigoudi won the award for the Artistic Achievement at the Canmore Mayor’s Awards for Arts & Culture. She is posing here with Mayor Ron Casey.

This award is given to an individual in recognition of artistic achievement combined with creative contribution to the community. The independent jury has met and chose three finalists and a winner. The two other finalists were Dana Roman and Shirley Chinneck who are also great artists and friends of Bigoudi.

June 2009: Field Work in Wax, another well attended exhibition!

On June 20th 2009, the Elevation Gallery was filled with art lovers during the opening of ‘Field Work in Wax’ for the artsPeak weekend.

This exhibition was highlighting 22 new paintings inspired by domestic animals encountered while traveling. Roosters, cows and horses were filling the gallery walls while people also enjoyed the music of Ray Reddekop.

May 2009: BIGOUDI raises $2500 for the Kidney Foundation of Canada

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of her kidney transplant, Bigoudi decided to donate a painting and organize a raffle for the Kidney Foundation of Canada. With the help of Elevation Gallery, she sold 500 tickets at $5 each and the draw was June 20th.

Click here to read about the kidney transplant story.

Feb 2009: BIGOUDI in Calgary!

Finally, Bigoudi has found a gallery in Calgary that fits her vision and ambitions. She is pleased to announce that she signed a contract with Patti Dibski from Gibson Fine Art for representation in for the City of Calgary.

GFA offers artwork for corporate and professional settings satisfying relocation, renovation or simply revitalization needs. They also provide residential services, working with clients to find pieces that will accent and embolden their personal collections.

Sept 2008: Defined by Light is a success !

Even with the news of an economic downturn floating over our heads, people gathered en masse at Bigoudi’s opening.
More than 175 people came to enjoy the art, have a glass of wine, chat with the artist or shop for a new piece of art.

Once again, thanks to Cheryl Baxter and her team, the event was beautifully hosted and everybody felt welcome.

Aug 2008: BIGOUDI highlighted in Wildlands Advocate Magazine

In June, while doing an exhibition at the Corridor Collective about the bear and our society, Bigoudi got in contact with the editor of the Wildlands Advocate Magazine. She liked the paintings from Bigoudi and Bigoudi liked their message so this led to a great collaboration!

Check this link to get a pdf version of the magazine that displays many of Bigoudi’s paintings and an article about the “Can’t Bear it” exhibition.

Mar 2008: Photographer Steph Polic visits

Check this out! An artistic photo-shoot around the making of a painting by the great Montreal-NY based photographer Steph Polic.

Steph was visiting Bigoudi afer doing a photo-documentary on the Trans-Canada highway and the end of her trip was Canmore where she decided to hang out in BIGOUDI’s studio for 3 days...

this is the link:

Sept 2007: The opening of ‘Out of Wax’ is a success

More than 150 people gathered for the opening of the exhibition ‘Out of wax, encaustic explorations’ on Sept 8th at Elevation Gallery. The exhibition also saw lots of sales with people fighting for some particular pieces! Bigoudi was presenting an array of new works with 20 large scale and 7 small encaustic pieces. The themes where ranging from edgy figure paintings to quircky highland cows and fighting buffalos.

April 2007:Bigoudi on the cover of a Scientific Magazine!

Doctor James Whisstock from Australia has made an important discovery and had the chance to have a paper published in the magazine Nature Structural & Molecular Biology based in New York.

Being a friend of Bigoudi, he found this image of a painting that represented well the concept he just discovered and the magazine loved it!

Here is the description of the cover page as per the publication:
Two GAD isoforms are responsible for GABA synthesis. Whisstock and colleagues solve the structure of the GAD isoforms, finding that a tethered loop in the constitutively active GAD67 is mobile in GAD65 and involved in its auto-activation. The pair of leaves represents the GAD dimer with the curled edge reminiscent of the catalytic loop that protects the active site in GAD67.

(This painting is now proudly displayed in Dr Whisstock’s living room in Australia!)

February 2007:Bigoudi moves...

After having a studio on her own on Elk Run Boulevard, Bigoudi has joined the brand new Corridor Collective (Gallery and Artists Studios) just around the corner...

She now rents a space along with 5 artists and goldsmiths and an unique dog. The Collective is open to the public every Saturday between 11am and 4pm and Bigoudi is there pretty much every afternoon working on her new body of work. If you wish to visit her, please call 609-8498 in the afternoon and she will let you know if she is available...

October 2006:Chinook is Unveiled!

After more than a year of efforts to get all the permits and technical details solved, Bigoudi was proud to unveil the Chinook sculpture (Winner of the Canmore Art Trust 2005) on the banks of the Bow River in Canmore.

Councilor John Borrowman, Special Events and Culture Coordinator Christine Bartolomie and Jury Mary Lynne McCutcheon did a great homage to the sculpture and its meaning for the Community.

Click here to see the details of the sculpture in the portfolio page