In 2005, Bigoudi won an award from the town of Canmore to create a piece of public art. Her sculpture "Chinook" is about 23 feet high and depicts a ribbon blowing in the wind to represent the Chinook, which is the prairie wind that blows out of the mountains in the winter and can warm everything up in a single day.

The upper part of the sculpture is made of fiberglass held by three steel posts tied together, just like the structure of a teepee, reminding us of the native heritage of the valley and the country. The artist is also the author of a poem in both french and english about the Chinook which is painted along the sculpture. The painted words follow the winding shape and engage the viewer to walk around the shape to find out the meaning of the piece.




In 2010, Bigoudi painted a piece especially for the building at the corner of Main Street and 6th avenue in Canmore. The 16’ tall piece is a print on canvas of a smaller encaustic piece designed for that location.

The building was then hosting the Whyte Horse Cafe and is now the home of Riccos, a high-end rib house.